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4 remarkable HR technologies at L & A exclusively

The impact of technology can be easily witnessed in every business field, including the HR service industry, in which L & A’s clients have been benefiting from continuously.

Throughout 18 years of developing and cooperating with world-class partners, combining with the winning advantage of deeply understanding domestic environment, L & A has been providing clients with development consultancy, localization and implementation of appropriate advanced HR technology in order to improve performance, enhance the quality of recruitment process, level-up training outcome, boost management system, and develop leadership…

Besides advanced HR technology, L & A also offers clients’ internal HR department the deliberation of repetitive tasks, develops the transparency and engagement between personnel and organization. Thus, L & A’s expert team analyzes and systemizes gigantic database in diverse formats in order to suggest appropriate and realistic solutions. As a certain result, L & A successfully manages to support our clients to retain and train talents, achieve business objectives, and sustainably boost business growth.

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4 exceptional HR technology distributed exclusively in Vietnam by L & A

Product Name Purpose Unique advantages
  • Rapidly recruit “job-match, culture-fit” personnel
  • Significantly improve teamwork performance
  • Greatly enhance the quality of Sales Competence and Sales Recruitment
  • Online conscious and unconscious behavioral assessment to increase the preciseness of reports and proposal .
  • Measurably analyze strengths and weaknesses of individuals and suggest engagement solutions.
  • Measurably analyze Sales Competence according to behaviors, propose appropriate Personal and Team development plan.
Extraordinary Leader™ Directly evaluate and develop Leadership
  • A 360-degree behavioral assessment test to measurably and objectively analyze 16 Leadership Competences.
  • Personal Development plan with the unique Companion Strengths cross-training approach.
PeopleTrek Easily manage, boost, and align individual performance with overall outcome.
  • Strictly supervise and reflect about individual performances, in order to instantly recover and develop.
  • Smartly utilize the abundant reference database of requirements and KPIs, sorted by fields.
CV Referral Briskly recruit suitable candidates via the broad reference database. Dramatically minimize required amount and time and significantly increase mass recruitment quality via the reference of internal personnel and the vast network of collaborators.

It’s undeniable that advanced HR technology will play the essential role in the growing process of companies. However, precisely selecting solutions appropriate with every stage and availability of the company is definitely not a simple task, which can be fully done be any organization. If you want to be consulted on such complicated matter, contact us now.

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