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Based on the Personal Trends & Behavior Assessment report, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, communication and working styles, the assessed person better understand their own strengths and weaknesses to plan and develop. develop competencies relevant to the job.

Unique advantage of L&A

The outstanding difference of these reports is that they are based on the Extended DISC® platform, which assesses conscious and unconscious behavior, so the fidelity is much higher than other test methods, with only one self-test. online quiz in 10-15 minutes.


Example 1 part Table of returned results: “Records showing conscious and unconscious behavior”

Application reports from Personal Trends & Behavior Assessment include:
  • Sales capacity assessment
  • Assessment of Management capacity
  • Assessment of Management capacity
  • Customer Service Competency Assessment
  • Capacity Assessment Teamwork
  • Assessment of information technology capacity
  • Project Management Competency Assessment
  • Assessing Trainer’s Competency
  • Assess the capacity of the Business Owner
  • Evaluation for recruiting sales team

See also: Behavioral Analyst Certification Training Course – Extended DISC/FinxS for Managers

These reports are often used for decision-making in cases of recruitment, personnel rotation, promotion, training planning, reduction of turnover…

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