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Construction – TASCO – Successful Project of L & A’s consulting service

Client: TASCO
The challenge of the project
– Need an HR systems and smart science to ensure resources that deployment the plan of action strategy in accordance with the vision of the director board.
The solutions:
• Using the methodology Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to check and review strategic topics and analyze the arrays operating in the competitive advantage of enterprise.
• Developing strategies as quantitatively and consistency from the corporations to the member units and to the individual.
• Building management human systems resources closely connected with the implementation of the strategic plan and to follow 3P model (job position, competence, contribution).

The result:
–  The revenue in 2014 growth of 55.7% than 2013
–  Profit after tax increased by 20 times in 2014 was $ 258 billion, and in 2013 was $ 12 billion.
–  Profit rate recuperate to the level of 9% in 2014 compared to 1% in 2013

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