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These days, rebuilding the sales workforce has become such a common practice when the company thrives for the increase in sales volume. However, organizations can not just keep “revitalizing” the sales department as a priority, while keep ignoring the real problem. The root cause is the lack of efficient assessment tool, which can be fulfilled fully by the “18 Sales competences” report ranging from recruitment, training, developing to find know-how and “job-matched, culture-fit” talents, and to retain them.

The below survey is conducted by L & A in the purpose of offering a bird’s-eye view on the 18 necessary skills of a salesperson, which is the most emphasized and the least expected, and also the difference between evaluating criteria between Sales and HR department.

These Sales “myths” will be proven:

1. Confliction with the superiors, boss is the main impact on employees’ resigning decision: correct
2. Presenting is the most importing skill of salespeople: the statistic shows differently
3. Leads finding is the utter skill Sales director wants from the employee: precise
4. An excellent salesperson gains every sales competences, at the highest level: incorrect
5. Any salesperson can measure precisely self-value: not really
6. An extraordinary sales director will always achieve the sales goal, regardless of how out-of-the-league it is, and also will never quit the job: that’s a big no
Anh there are more surprise waiting. Press the download button below to download now the “18 Sales competences” report, which is concluded after the survey done by over 280 HR and Sales directors.

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