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FMCG – Employment Outsourcing Showcase

Client: One of the largest dairy co-operatives in Netherlands with more than 140 years of experience.

Scope of work:

  • Employment Outsourcing to manage the team of  Nutrition Advisors at the retailers.

Duration: Since Jan 2015 up to date.

Headcount: 920.


  • Manage over 100 distributors, across country;
  • Increase sale level, together with improve human management capabilities.


  • Apply L & A’s know-how to achieve return on investment indicators (KPI) of the project;
  • Create new set of KPIs which are more sophisticated;
  • Using real time mobile application to monitor;
  • Apply L & A’s employee outsourcing model.


  • Improve sales efficiency at outlets: 150%;
  • Achieve return on investment indicators of the project;
  • Nutrition advisor team is become more professional;
  • Client trusts and assign 04 more new projects on other channels with total 500 new headcounts.
  • In 2018, FCV decided to re-sign contracts with L & A. Contract time is from 2018 to 2021.

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