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L & A’s Assessment Center

L & A’s Assessment Center now primarily provides behavior-based online assessments, giving businesses and administrators reliable, quantitative, and scientific evidence for better planning and decision-making to improve quality. human resources, increase individual and group work efficiency, develop middle and high leadership team in the company.
The assessment our reviews bring include:

L & A’s Assessment Service & leader’s managing skills

Outstanding value for customers

Quickly develop skills based on personal strengths and business needs, through analysis and a quantitative, intuitive understanding of personal leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Different strengths
  • Unique method of developing strengths through cross-training, aimed at improving companion behaviors.
  • Online tool, 360 degree behavioral assessment, scientific, easy to use.
Partners and technology

Extraordinary Leader of Zenger Folkman – America’s leading prestigious organization for leadership research and development, present in over 60 countries.

L & A’s partners in developing and localizing the assessment tools are trusted by Forbes 500 for many years. Their service is now used in 60 countries, and in Vietnam, L & A is the exclusive distributor. L & A. See more information about our partners here.



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