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HR Services & Outsourcing

Recruitment service of L & A

Recruitment is one of the HR processes that have a great impact on a business. Attracting the right people to your organization can make a huge and measurable impact on business performance.

The benefits we bring to businesses are as follows:

  • Nationwide recruitment network
  • Fast and secure recruitment
  • Candidates are screened

With 20 years of recruitment experience, we have successfully assisted businesses of all sizes in recruiting different job levels. Whether you are looking for a long-term, contract or short-term position, we can help.

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Our focus areas for recruitment services are as follows:

  • Recruiting administrators, senior positions.
  • Recruiting unskilled workers for industries such as manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, …
  • PG/PB recruitment, point-of-sale marketing.
  • Recruiting for other positions

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To find out more information about the service, contact us using the form below or contact:

Email: cs@l-a.com.vn

Phone: 0902 989 578



If you want to know more about the Assessment service, please contact:

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