L&A accompanies Skale, promotes organizational development consulting services

On January 1, 2023, L&A officially announces the transfer and merger of Consulting & Organizational Development (COD) from L&A (Le & Associates) into the SKALE brand (
). Payroll services (Payroll), HR outsourcing (Staffing & Outsourcing) still belongs to L&A.

This is one of the strategies that L&A management has conceived and prepared very carefully, in order to take advantage of the post-Covid-19 period when HR technology is on the verge of breakthrough.


Ms. Pham Thi My Le, Chairwoman of Le & Associates shared: “10 years ago, when I had the opportunity to exchange & collaborate with many international partners, I realized that the application of HR technology is an indispensable process of any business. I was also very eager to change and bring new and advanced things to application in Vietnam, but at that time the reality was not ready. Until the outbreak of Covid-19, although it brought many challenges, it invisibly created a rapid thrust for the digital transformation of personnel. I think this is a golden time to do what L&A has cherished for a decade.”

Accordingly, on 26/05/2022, L&A and SKALE officially carried out the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding on the investment process and strategic cooperation on the development of the digital human resource solution ecosystem. Transfer and dischargeThe integration of organizational development and consulting services into the SKALE brand, which was completed on December 31, 2022, was the first strategic firecracker.

At L&A, Consulting and organizational development services before merging into SKALE have been implementing many consulting and capacity assessment projects for many large enterprises such as Vietinbank, Binh Minh Plastic, Vingroup, Generali, Keppel Land, Saigon Co.op,… A rich knowledge base and a team of experienced consultants help L&A possess many unique strengths compared to competitors in the same industry.

For its part, SKALE owns a leading digital human resource solution ecosystem built to meet the needs of human resource management for the business community in Vietnam, aiming for an open market in ASEAN. Currently, the products being commercialized at SKALE include:

  • SKALE Referral – a unique candidate platform and recruitment solution with the expansion of referral sources;
  • SKALE Competency – competency management application;
  • SKALE Performance – performance management application;
  • SKALE Work Joy – a mobile application to increase interaction between employees and organizations;
  • SKALE IDP – talent development management application;

The goal of this investment cooperation is to resonate the strengths of management knowledge, L&A’s consultants and SKALE’s HR technology ecosystem, bringing a “duplex sword” solution, thereby better meeting the increasing needs of customers in data-driven HR decision-making; thoroughly solve the problem of strengthening individual and organizational capacity for digital transformation of enterprises; At the same time, expanding the human resource consulting segment for large to medium-sized enterprises.


In recent years, SKALE has been a partner in providing project software and supporting the operation of HR technology for L&A. The experience of good cooperation in the past is a premise for the two units to easily have a common voice in the bidding process, Quickly find solutions that suit customer needs. This merger will not limit the continued collaboration between L&A and SKALE in exploiting each party’s unique strengths and best meeting market needs, especially multinational enterprises with strict requirements on service quality.

According to the latest statistics until October 2022, foreign investors have invested in 54 provinces and cities across the country, of which Ho Chi Minh City leads with a total registered investment capital of more than 3.42 billion USD, accounting for 15.2% of the total registered investment capital, Binh Duong ranks second. It can be seen that the wave of foreign investment opens up many opportunities and challenges, requiring contractors providing human resources services such as L&A to continuously actively improve service depth, update technology to satisfy customer criteria from many different countries such as the US, Japan, Korea, Singapore,…

For more: Announcement, statement of responsibility and client commitment for the transfer of Consulting and Organizational Development services from Le & Associates to Skale.asia

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