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L & A General Director & JCI Vietnam Vice-president Mr. Tran Bang Viet: What do you have in your bag to succeed?

On June 24th, 2013, Ton Duc Thang University, CYA and Junior Chamber International (JCI Vietnam) have collaborated together to operate a conference in regards to a theme “To Be Successful Young Leaders.”

Mr. Tran Bang Viet – Deputy General Manager at Le&Associates Corp. opened the discussion by a presentation regarding key elements to be successful young leaders. Having been surveyed on previous successful leader, he came up with following questions that gave student an overall image of being successful, including: What is Success?, What makes you succeed? and What do you have to be a successful leader? According to his research, he provided some suggestions about the positive behaviors, core values, golden rules, and self-encouragements that a leader need to be a young successful one.

After the presentation of Mr. Viet, it was the one-to-many discussion among Mr. Lam Ngoc Minh (General Manager at Lien A Ltd.), Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh (President and General Manager at Saigon Energy Corp.) and students. Via individual personal story, students have received a lot of useful advises from both successful leaders based on their professional experience in management.

The Conference was a great opportunity for all students to get to learn major points to be a leader, and to act for a country in a near future.

Provided by Le & Associates.

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