L & A’s “Communication & team work skills” workshop for Bayer Vietnam

“Communication & team work skills” was the theme chosen by human capital solutions firm Le & Associates, as specifically requested by Bayer Vietnam Ltd. on Dec 2011.

The course aims to improve job performance; the professional image of each individual and strengthen connection between departments within the company. The training session includes both functional and beneficial activities:

Practicing direct communication skills; non-verbal communication; questioning, listening and dealing with colleagues.
Differentiate teams & groups; understand the benefits of teamwork.
Develop team coherence.
Encourage team members to express themselves
Manage conflict and how to resolve conflict constructively.
Improve cooperation among the team.
Human resource training is essential to achieve the maximum performance of every staff member and a necessity for business to succeed and grow. Courses such as “Communication & Teamwork skills” are designed and customized by Le&Associates to suit the needs of diverse organizations.

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For more information about the program, please contact email: cs@la.com.vn or phone: 0902 989 578

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