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Maximize your performance with Extended DISC

Many executives are increasingly concerned about how characteristics of employees relate to behavior, collaboration and productivity, in order to efficiently run their organizations.

Bridgestone Vietnam recently applied a personal assessment tool Extended DISC®, provided by Human Capital Solutions firm Le & Associates to address these issues.

The Extended DISC® System focuses on facilitating organizations to bridge the gap between business goals and human capital.



An improvement over other DISC tools, Extended DISC® is applied by leading companies in the world to measure unconscious behavior and compare it with a conscious adjusted behavioral style, thus allowing a measurement of emotions.

Following previous online assessments, on February 17, 2012 Bridgestone employees attended an analysis manual training day, presented by Mr. Truong Chi Dung – R&D Director of Le& Associates.

By understanding our personal behavior and that of others, we can maximize individual performance. This is of critical benefit for an organization wishing to continue on the pathway to sustainable development

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