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  • Client problems:

    • The work is repetitive but takes a lot of time and effort such as: collecting, entering data and completing employee records; Making job offers, drafting contracts, monitoring leave, timekeeping, etc.
    • Facing incidents and conflicts in labor relations management.
    • Difficulty in updating and complying with the law on labor, social insurance, and PIT.
    • Manufacturing enterprises have to deal with timekeeping, payroll, policy settlement, benefits in large quantities, time pressure and accuracy.
    • Small-scale enterprises do not yet have standard procedures and forms to serve salary management.

    L&A values ​​bring:

    1. Having a team of skilled human resources experts who know the laws in Vietnam to handle C&B operations

    With more than 20 years of intensive work experience in the field of human resources and human resources contractors and a team of seasoned professionals, L&A can help businesses build an effective payroll management process, quickly handle it. work quickly and thoroughly solve problems that arise.

    L&A not only provides services related to salary management but also gives useful advice to businesses. Helping to improve compliance and compatibility with labor legal regulations through a document library, intelligent chatbots that learn from experienced professionals and sessions to share and update legal knowledge. monthly labor law.

    2. Mobile apps help increase engagement, satisfaction and improve employee experience

    Skale Work Joy mobile application developed by L&A and strategic partner Skale helps customers easily manage records and enhance interaction with employees. With this application, the human resources department can send information to each employee; employees can update notifications 24/7, view payroll, tax finalization, insurance, etc. At the same time, through two-way interactive features, employees can apply for leave, book Questions and concerns will be resolved and approved right on the app.

    The application helps to enhance employee engagement and experience, increase compliance in processes, and save time and effort, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for operations.

    Especially thanks to its technological autonomy, L&A can quickly and flexibly adjust the features of the application according to the needs and desires of customers at a reasonable cost.

    3. Distributed HR technology reduces data entry, document collection and reduces costs related to correspondence, printing, etc.

    L & A with the ability to apply technology in each specific business, such as connecting APIs and integrating input information from customer’s human resources software, helping to bypass manual input, saving money. time and effort for the staff.

    In particular, the application of authenticated digital signatures is considered a breakthrough solution of L & A. Helping businesses minimize direct signatures, saving printing, shipping, and paper delivery costs. documents as well as better information security while ensuring legal value for the business, helping to make labor relations transparent with employees.

    4. Pay wages on time, secure and free you from repetitive tasks and events

    The application of technology such as automatic timekeeping management and API connection to integrate input information quickly, L & A can shorten the time for payroll.

    At the same time, the payroll structure, salary and allowance calculation formulas are installed on the system to help calculate salary quickly. The exported payroll contains an excel formula that makes it easy to check and reconcile when needed.

    Payroll is sent to each employee through an application developed by L&A, so information confidentiality is ensured.

    In addition, with a diverse library of forms and reports, an optimal salary management process for each type of business, and the ability to apply technology in each specific business, L&A helps to free you up. from repeat events.

    5. The most attractive guaranteed cost-effective in the market

    With the ability to apply HR technology, L&A can reduce the costs of handling repetitive processes and offer attractive service rates to customers.

    At the same time, with features from the Skale Work Joy mobile application, it will contribute to increasing employee engagement, experience and satisfaction, thereby increasing work efficiency and contributing to the overall results of the business.

    Besides, with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals of L & A, who are always there to accompany and give advice at the right time, helping to smooth payroll management in particular and related activities.

    With the motto “local knowledge, international benchmark”, L & A always adds the world’s human resource technology and management knowledge, and timely updates the regulations on Vietnamese law to bring create innovative and appropriate solutions to continuously improve customer service efficiency.

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