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Services/ Retail – Saigon Coop Group – Successful Project of Assessment & HR Development

Requirements: Assess the current status quo and formulate the development plan to grow management team of Saigon Co-op so as to utilize the potential of the human resource with the main at strategic objectives. The priorities are:

  • Study the technical, behavioral competence and job-fit rate of the administration and HR division.
  • Develop the middle and senior management team with global mindset, vision and aspiration to compete in the flat world context.


  • Large and national-wide scale.
  • Including functional, middle and senior management levels.
  • Requiring scientific and subtle tools to assess neatly, quantitatively and objectively.
  • Outcomes must be specific to build individual development plan.

Project – Assessment & development plan for the management trainees


  • Develop the competency and skill scheme for each position; build up the toolkits for technical and behavioral competence assessment.
  • Use online behavioral assessment tools (Extended DISC – ED), which is localized by L&A, to study the fit rate between current behavioral competence with current job.
  • Behavioral interview (BEI) with the selected candidates in order to formulate the HR development plan for Saigon Co-op.
  • Formulate the individual development plan for management team.


  • Complete the multiple choice technical and behavioral competence for 55 important positions and 131 middle management.
  • Deliver 100% training plan for 246 Management Trainees and Specialist based on competency and skill scheme for according position.
  • Define the potential talents of the company.
  • Formulate the comprehensive and detailed plan for HR development.

Project – Enhance leadership


  • Online assess and formulate the individual development plan to develop the leadership for Senior Management based on the methodology of cross-training companion behaviors of Extraordinary Leader (EL) (L&A cooperatively localized with Zenger Folkman USA).
  • Organize the “Develop global leadership at Saigon Coop: Methodology to develop leaders based on strengths” workshop for senior and middle management.


  • Formulate the detailed plan to develop leadership capabilities based on personal strengths for 30 Senior Management Trainees.
  • Enhance the mindset and leadership for 125 Senior-Middle Management Trainees of Saigon Co-op. The detailed outcomes are:

+ 90.9% participants report the workshop has provided them with new thinking for better management.
+ 85% participants report that they have received knowledge and tools to self-create a useful development plan for themselves and the organization

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