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THE SPECIAL OFFERS: the opportunity approaches to the FinxS platform is easier than ever

FinxS is an upgraded version of Extended DISC, has just been released and updated by Mr. Jukka Sappinen (Finland), the founder and developer of Extended DISC. It was first introduced at the Asian Partner Conference in Kuala Lumpur in April/2018.

In order to help businesses easily reach and use the NEW competence assessment platform – FinxS, L & A conducts a promotion program – discount up to 30% (only VND 980,000/assessment) for customers who buy from 10 or more assessments. Especially, for customers wishing to purchase over 100 assessments, please contact L & A directly for the most attractive offers.

* Promotion period from now until the end of April 30, 2019
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FinxS: a breakthrough from the Extended DISC.

FinxS, which is an enhanced version of Extended DISC, used widely in 50 countries around the world, trusted by various million-dollar companies on the Forbes 500 list.

Inheriting the success of Extended DISC, FinxS offers a more diversified not only in the purpose of use, but also in the upgrade and the design assessments only for the Sales team – the main force in the company.

The highlight of FinxS compared to other assessment tools in the market is its high accuracy due to both unconscious and conscious evaluation, and allows businesses to actively optimize and customize the reviews depend on the purpose and needs of the organization.

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How can FinxS help you?

To clarify, the assessments brought by FinxS is categorized according to the purpose of uses:

  • Evaluation on job-match for sales recruitmen
  • Evaluation on sales competencies to develop sales skills
  • Evaluation on 18 sales competencies
  • Behavior analysis

The highlight applications of the FinxS platform

Purpose to use Use value Assessment report
Recruitment of sales team Scoring 18 critically important sales competences Assessment report of the candidate’s 18 sales competences
Training and developing existing the sales team Map the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in the sales department;

Accurately assesses the proficiency of each employee’s sales competencies

Make practical recommendations to sharpen necessary sales skills

Assessment report to develop sales skills for each individual
Determining training needs Identifying the suitability compared to the requirements for each positions behavioral competencies, thereby determining the training plan and the development route for each individual and team. The report evaluates individual behavioral competency compared to company standards.
Recruiting positions Evaluate individual competency and behavioral competency for the position required to recruit.
Ensuring proper recruitment people – the suitable culture.
Technology reduces time and increases the quality of mass recruitment from referrals of internal staff and invited collaborators.
Organizational plan Evaluate individual competency and behavioral competency for the position required to recruit.
Ensuring proper recruitment people – the suitable culture.
The group analysis assessment.


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